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 B163 True Stories of Sunken Treasure
For years Ernie "Seascribe" Richards and I were editor/publisher of Treasure Quest Magazine, a magazine aimed at the salvage community... and every armchair treasure hunter across the country. Ernie and I had been involved in writing several books on treasure hunting, and with decent success in the sales department, but the months it took to take a book from the written page to a printed book was a path lined with headaches and late night sessions. Treasure Quest, on the other hand, was compiled of many short, action filled stories that seemed as easy to write as breathing the Florida air full of sunshine. The magazine was an instant hit with salvage divers and armchair enthusiast alike, and suggestions flooded our office that we compile the stories into a book. from dreams to fruition, that is "True Stories of Sunken Treasure," along with a few stories that have never been printed. As long as salvage divers work the ballast piles of sunken galleons, there will always be "another story to tell." That's what dreams are made of.



B-134 - Treasure Of The Atocha by R. Duncan Mathewson III Treasure of the Atocha is a true adventure, a mystery that unfolds over sixteen years, and the story of a treasure hunt that yielded millions in gols, silver, jewelry, and precious stones. It is the exciting story of the search and discovery of what is proving to be the most fabulous treasure wreck of all time-Nuestra Senora de Atocha. Lost in a hurricane more than 350 years ago, the treasure galleon was hidden under a protective blanket of sand in only fifty-four feet of water a few miles from Key West, Florida. Until 1985 just traces of the wreck came into view. For years the divers pieced together the jigsaw puzzle that slowly revealed the "motherlode" the bulk of precious cargo. The ship is yielding delicate jewelry, gold and silver coins- fresh from the mints of Mexico and Potosi- and over a thousand silver ingots. The treasure is estimated to be worth some $400 million. But more than gold and silver is being discovered. R. Duncan Mathewson III, the Archaeological Director of Mel Fisher's Treasure Salvors, Inc., has applied land based archaeological techniques to this underwater "dig" to reveal new details about seventeenth-century Spanish colonial life in the New World. The recovery of the common objects of everyday life is proving to be as exciting as the recovery of the treasure itself. The remains of the ship's hull, the religious artifacts, the weaponry, the cooking utensils, and the most private personal possessions of the crew are all helping to rewrite the history of the period.


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Part B160 - Shipwrecks Near Wabasso Beach

This is the book that treasure hunters are looking for. Robert "Frogfoot" Weller and Earnie "Seascribe" Richards SHIPWRECKS NEAR WABASSO BEACH. Ernie "Seascribe" Richards teamed up with Bob "Frogfoot" Weller to produce the hottest selling book of its type on Florida’s east coast! Using the intersection of C. R. 510 & Highway A1A as a starting point, the exact co-ordinates to 14 shipwrecks —many of them treasure-bearing— are pinpointed. In 96 pages, 60+ photos & 5 charts, the authors reveal the stories of the "fateful fourteen." Contains a photo-array of landmarks, treasures found & the "treasure-finders" who recover them...and...a great section with photos and descriptions of the gold & silver coins coming from these wrecks!


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The Search For The Atocha

Dr. Eugene Lyon's research at the Archives of the Indies in Seville, Spain played a major role in the successful conclusion of a 16 year search for the Spanish galleon Atocha by Treasure Salvors, Inc.
Over 300 pages with diagrams and maps.


The Spanish Treasure Fleets

by Timothy R. Walton
"One of the best books on maritime history that I have read in many years. Mr. Walton has done a great deal of original research and produced a book that will be around for many years. Not just historians and shipwreck buffs, but anyone interested in the sea will enjoy reading this informative and exiting book."
--Robert F. Marx, Underwater Archaeologist.
256 pages.


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The Treasure Galleons'

by Dave Horner
Based upon mostly unpublished records dating from the days of Cortez in Mexico and Pizarro in Peru this book tells the fascinating story of the staggering fortunes that were left on the bottom of the sea. 259 pages



The 1622 Spanish Treasure Fleet
By Bob "Frogfoot" Weller


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Treasure Hunt

The sixteen year search for the lost treasure ship Atocha
by George Sullivan
This large print, simple to read 150 page book contains lots of photo's and diagrams. Great  for children of all ages.


The Beach Bank

1715 Fleet Sites Revealed
Compiled by 
Kevin Reilly
Gary T. Rowe
Kevin Maranville
It was the year 1715 the King of Spain, Philip V, was expecting with much need the return of his treasure fleet. This was to be the first fleet returning home in four years from the new world. The treasure ships sank close to land and is still washing ashore today.
57 pages with many photos



Diving To A Flash Of Gold

Martin Meylach
with Charles Whited
The true story of a diver's successful discovery of 18th century Spanish treasures off the Florida Keys.
Locations of over 130 wrecks Including 1986 Federal court opinion regarding salvage rights at the Coffins Patch reef.


Thirty Florida Shipwrecks

Kevin McCarthy
Sunken treasure, cannibalism, prison ships, Nazi submarines, the Bermuda Triangle all are tied into the lore of shipwrecks along Florida's coasts. There are thousands of Florida shipwrecks. This book offers the stories of thirty of them-from the young Fontaneda, who wrecked in 1545 and held captive by Indians for 17 years to the story of the Atocha which sank in a hurricane in 1622.


Shipwrecks Of Florida

Second Edition
Steven D Singer
Over 2100 Listings
200 Illustrations
6 Shipwreck Narratives
In this new edition of this popular reference book, you will find over 2100 shipwrecks from the sixteenth century to the present-including new information on many of the wrecks noted in the previous edition. In addition to the listings, there is extensive general information on shipwrecks, as well as numerous photographs, drawings, and maps.
400 pages.


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By Robert "Frogfoot" Weller
 This is a handbook designed to "show the way" for those who dream of recovering Spanish treasure and artifacts from sites along the coast of Florida. This book is meant to provide the working knowledge of not only the historical background of the Spanish fleets, but putting together a salvage operation that has every chance of success. Salvaging Spanish sunken treasure is not an impossible dream.





By Robert "Frogfoot" Weller
  Treasure hunt with Bob and Margaret Weller with  friends along the coast of Florida. Six Florida treasure shipwrecks with lots of pictures, maps, latitude, longitude markings and diagrams of where artifacts have been found. 

Populo                   1733 Spanish Plate Fleet
Winchester           1695 British Frigate
San Jose               1733 Spanish Plate Fleet
Alligator                1822 U.S. Navy Schooner
Angustias              1733 Spanish Plate Fleet
Sueco de Arizon    1733 Spanish Plate Fleet




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