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Authentic Atocha Lead Shot

Authentic Atocha Musket Ball Certificate

We have a limited supply of authentic musket balls recovered from the Nuestra Senora de Atocha. Lead balls of this type were ammunition for an early hand gun called  "Arquebus." These rifle-type guns were the state of the art in fire-arms in the early 17th century. The barrel of the gun was four feet long and required a 'stand' to support the muzzle and enable the user to fire with any accuracy at all.

The Atocha was well armed with arquebus and their ammunition as she was the Almranta of the Tierre Firme Fleet, indicating that she was the best of her peers. She carried bronze cannon and the most prestigious of passengers on her maiden voyage from the Spanish Colonies for Spain. On Sept. 6, 1622, one day out of Havanna, the fleet was struck by a hurricane and destroyed. All attempts to find the lost treasure fleet failed until the discovery of the primary cultural deposit was made by Treasure Salvors, Inc., July 20, 1985.

Own a lead shot artifact from the most famous shipwreck ever.    Only $35.00

Atocha copper pot

Copper Cook Pot

One of only nine found on the Atocha. This is a rare find.  Museum quality.

With Treasure Salvors Certificate


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