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Atocha Treasure Company's museum quality replicas of escudo gold treasure coins from 1733 Fleet and the 1715 Fleet shipwreck disasters off the coast of Florida. Cast directly from the original coins.

The gold Spanish coin "escudo" ,  came in four denominations: the 8-escudo, the 4-escudo, the 2-escudo, and the 1-escudo. The eight escudo was the legendary "gold doubloon" of pirate lore. The gold doubloon along with the silver piece of eight, are the two most famous names in shipwreck coin history.

The coins are cast in 24K solid gold and they have the original cross and shield markings on both sides of the coin. The original gold doubloon sells in Key West for $10,000.00 and up. These replicas are identical to the originals but are available here at a fraction of the price. It's your chance to buy a "pirate gold coin" without paying Key West prices.
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We also have authentic original coins (both gold Escudos and silver Pieces of Eight) from the 1715 Fleet and from the wreck of the Spanish galleon, Atocha, sank off the coast of Key West. 

Two Escudo

24K   2 escudo replica, gold 600.00

Four Escudo

24K   4 escudo replica, gold 1000.00


Eight Escudo

24K   8 escudo replica, gold 1500.00

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